March First

Shoe lights - Fey Karvaly

March first.

Come to me, goodness. GOODNESS! GRACE! The moving forward on the good path’s ground. Come to me now.

Look at these cuddly years passing, scampering their wee bodies over the big plush couch. Innocuous, till. Shoot, where’d they go? All those little years, running around underfoot.

I’ll just keep calling for the life I want. GOODNESS! GRACE!

Come find me on the battlefield; offer me your hand, and I’ll rise like a kite. We’ll stride through the fighting and leave a tinkling armory landing on the tilled ground. Without weapons, opponents will be revealed as neighbors and walk on to care for their daily needs. Life will proceed. Anger will evaporate like puddles, and then the rain will fall, and the sun will shine, and this field will bloom with irises like forgiveness and resurrection. So mote it be.

GOODNESS! come, come, come.

GRACE! please enter.


May my force be a mirror

that helps Light travel

to where it needs to go.


Please help our lives to shine.